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How to Litter Box Train Teacup Pigs 

Although it may seem an impossible task for the uninitiated out there, but training a teacup pig to use the litter box is entirely possible, and can be actually easy to do. There is another misconception that pigs are naturally dirty or unclean animals but in reality, they can be very clean hence they make wonderful additions to the home. Similar with felines, mini pigs choose a special spot to do their thing and they do like to stick to their routine. When you establish that a specific area is their bathroom, they will instinctively return to that same area every time without any miss. Keep in mind that piggy potty training should be started when they are still young, possibly from the moment that they arrive at your home. With patience and lots of prompting, your teacup pig will be potty trained just like a pro. Plus, positive reinforcement is always effective but just be careful that you do not spoil them in the process too. Hopefully, you will be able to pick practical insights through this article not only on litter box training of your beloved nano pigs, but along with general guides about rearing them, as well.

Getting Your House Ready

Since no piggy starts out housebroken, you have to be dedicated in training them especially on the first weeks that they have stayed with you. If it is your first time to own a new micro pig, purchase a cleaning solution from the nearest grocery store and clean the area where your teacup pig will settle by using the solution. If possible, de-clutter your house first before your little piggy arrives so that their health and safety will be maximized. Even though piggies are not prone to allergies and any other sickness, it is best to be safe now than be sorry later. After taking care of the cleaning, you can then start house training your teacup pig and it will be relatively easier to undertake. Since they prefer to relieve themselves in one area alone, designate a corner which is not too far from their sleeping quarters as their bathroom. Remember though that they do not want to relieve in areas that are very close to where they sleep, so keep a considerable distance between these two piggy areas.

Preparing the Appropriate Box

Even if your mini pigs are similar to cats’ behavior in terms of potty training, a feline litter box is not appropriate for them. The most practical boxes to utilize are those used by puppies but choose the ones which have bigger designs. Another ideal option for a litter box are those plastic clothing containers and even those large, empty drawers in your attic or storage room. If you do not have a spare, you can purchase one in garage sales in order not to spend too much on a litter box. Buy a lining for it, then stick it inside a larger cardboard box so that your lovely teacup pigs will feel at ease and comfortable. Once again, place the box near the piggy’s resting area, but be sure that it is not too near in order for them to still feel at ease when sleeping. Nobody likes to put their mattress next to a toilet, right so it is equally the same to how these cute teacup pigs feel.

Picking the Right Litter
If you are on a budget, you can get old newspapers and shred them to use as the mini pigs’ litter. But if you can afford it, buy pine pellets or pine shavings which make excellent litter for your lovely teacup pigs. Once again, do not neglect the fact that what works for cats do not mean that it will also be good for these little piggies. Another misconception about nano pigs is that they can eat whatever is given them under the sun. So clumping cat litter may be very tempting for your micro pig but their digestive system is not really made for it. When eaten, the teacup pigs will then be unable to pass the clumping litter back out of their body, which will cause intestinal and stomach problems that could have been avoided. Worse, you may have to bring them to a vet right away so that your little piggies will be relieved. Not to mention that you will of course pay for the vet’s services. 

Training for Litter Box Use 

When your mini pigs do their thing for the first few times, move their droppings to the litter box. This will guide them to it and the smell will help them get used to the box. When they start to do it in the box, do not completely clean all the mess every day. Leave a bit of droppings inside so that the teacup pigs will learn that they are supposed to relieve in the litter box and not in other areas. 

At this point of the training, it is crucial that you spend considerable time in moving them to the box. The more you place them there, the better because it will remind them where their bathroom is located and the smell will stimulate them to use it. As they use the box more often, they are more likely to go there again every time they need to relieve themselves. However, do not be surprised though if after a few successful potty sessions, your teacup pigs will miss going to the box. This is not unusual though because they just need to be reminded of where their droppings should be properly placed. When this happens, just move them again to the box and repeat the training process 3-5 times. 

Litter Box Maintenance

With these guides, your cute nano pigs are expected to adjust to their new litter box at the right time. You should also expect that younger pigglets may have accidents a few times, and older piggies may be harder to train but any pig can learn the proper skills in using the litter box every time they need it.

Once your adorable mini pigs are successfully trained, keep their litter box fresh and clean from soiled litter on a regular basis. Twice a week is ideal but once a week can suffice too. Have great bonding moments with your lovely mini pigs, then!

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